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Overall Objective




The overall objective of the program is to have its contribution toward a:

- Civil society able to effectively address Albanian environmental and sustainable development challenges

The specific outcomes of the programs are:

-  Consolidated ECSO’s have organizational viability and strategically develop and implement programs and projects;

- ECSO’s are specialized, organized on topic-based networks and address country environmental needs and affects country environmental policy; and

-  Local communities have increased knowledge and awareness to actively participate on environmental movement

The program will produce the following outputs:

• Small ECSOs operate based on organizational action plan;

• Small ECSOs are active in their community and undertake joint initiatives with local stakeholders;

• Small ECSOs are consolidated, are actively strengthened and are reliable partner;

• Consolidated ECSOs advance national topic oriented priorities through networking and joint actions;

• Topic networks professionally address environmental policies and are recognized as important actors by state authorities;

• ECSOs actively participate in the regional agenda for environment;

• ECSOs address the issues related to human rights and gender both internally and in their activities with local community stakeholders;

• ECSOs are actively involved in a campaign for environmental education in schools and community;

• ECSOs and civil society experts address National Priorities on environmental issues; and

• ECSOs committed to the program and increased participation and outreach of the program

The following diagram represents the linkages among actors of the program (beneficiaries), which by approaching a methodology and using a specific tool, can develop activities within working packages, which will lead to accomplishment of the overall objective/s.