Mbështetje për organizatat mjedisore të shoqërisë civile në Shqipëri.

CSOs and Citizens´ Participation

With activities in eight countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations – TACSO – is providing support and opportunities for the development of a strong and influential Civil Society sector.

This investment in Civil Society is based on our conviction that in the context of EU affiliation ongoing political, economic and social processes require an engaged and well-functioning Civil Society as an important precondition for democratic developments.

An important project component of TACSO is Capacity Development of CSOs with the main objective being to increase the capacity of CSO representatives in a number of key areas by offering them new knowledge on contemporary methodologies and techniques as well as the opportunity for exchange and practical knowledge.

The present Manual CSOs and Citizens’ Participation is aimed to increase the CSOs capacities in the area of citizens´ participation in the decision-making processes.

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