SENiOR-A Program

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The Support for Environmental Civil Society Organisatons in Albania (SENiOR-A) is a program implemented by REC Albania and financied by Swedish Government with the overall strategic to strengthen and specialize environmental civil society in Albania, which is able to articulate community needs, provide services and support, develop partnerships and networks, capable to address country environmental priorities and progress towards sustainable development.

The support to civil society organizations (CSOs) will be provided in the form of grants, capacity building, networking and a CSO viability programme. Various capacity-building tools will be used to train civil society leaders and to strengthen cooperation among CSOs, as well as between authorities and civil society, in order to enhance their influence in decision-making processes on environmental and sustainable development issues.

This program is organised in seven Working Packages, to address the needs of ECSOs to develop:

- from weak organizations to strong and institutionalized CSOs with better democratic functioning (decision making, transparency, etc) and stronger environmental civil society (mission driven, clear focus, long term sustainability);

- from donor driven and broad “shooting” project based organizations to program based planning and support (better strategic planning, stable no. of programs, long term sustainability) and specialized CSOs/Networks (with developed specific env. expertise);

- from individual organizations with no or limited level of cooperation to Env. Networks and Coalitions (concrete and effective cooperation and partnerships on specific env. topics/themes).