WP1: Getting everybody involved

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Aim: Support for the initial and final phase of the program important to better understand the baseline situation of CSO in Albania, increase their visibility and identify the progress and challenges in the program final phase.

Launching Conference
The launching event is the first activity to promote the starting of the SENiOR-A program. This event will serve to informing and involving the members of the civil society in the activities to be organized during the Inception Period of the Project.

Regional Workshops
The Regional Workshops will be useful in Present the program details to all stakeholders even the one in remote areas since its inception period; Collect all the information regarding the status of civil society at local level, serving to the establishment of a solid baseline and prepare a robust RAF; Taking the opinion of the civil society for possible changes and adjustments in the program structure to make it more realistic and viable (the changes eventually will be reflected in the Inception Report); and Facilitating the work of the experts that will work on the Assessment Phase and the preparation of the CSO Directory

Developing the Environmental CSO database (assessment and questionnaire)
The questionnaires will be designed to be national-wide. The questionnaire is organised in two parts. The first part is concise reference data requiring basic information on CSO. It will be used for CSO Directory / Database. Meanwhile, the second part will serve to the assessment; it contains analytical questions on structure, resources and functioning. Although it is conceived for environmental CSO, other CSOs that deal with environment issues may apply.

Assessment of the status of NGO in Albania, needs and assessment
In the assessment phase, an overall detailed analysis of the ECSO in Albania will be carried out. There will be two ways of assessing the situation (i) by questioning CSOs through a Questionnaire and (ii) by meeting directly the CSOs and other stakeholders working with the civil society to collect their opinion and so-far developed products.

CSO Directory publishing
The CSO Directory is deemed necessary the update of the previous version since it is very difficult, if not possible at all, to find useful information about all the CSO operating throughout Albania.

Lessons learned Regional Workshop
Regional Workshops will be held at the end of the program. The main goal of the workshops is to find out the achieved results during the implementation period of the program, successful stories and lessons learnt and what problems are encountered in the collaboration with local communities and LGUs.

CSO Side Events
The side events will serve as practical exposé of CSO achievements during program implementation. These events will be organized in open spaces, interlinked with each other, where CSO clustered in networks or individuals CSO can show their results, promote their CSO and/or network and establish new relations.

Closing Conference on Project Developments, achievements and lessons learnt
The Conference will be organized as a forum/national-wide conference in order to discuss not only the development, achievements and lessons learnt during the program at a national level, but in the same time to discuss with different stakeholders what will be the way to move forward in developing the Civil Society sector.