WP2: CSO Institutional Strengthening

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Aim: Capacity Building on institutional development through tailored training packages such Organizational Viability Toolkit, Master Class, and training courses on diversifying the funding sources.

Junior Fellowship Program (JFP)
The Junior Fellowship Program is designed for young environmentalist as potential environmental leaders of tomorrow. This program aims mainly at improving the know-how of environmental NGOs young members in order to improve their capacity to successfully develop effective projects in relation to the environment; increasing the level of democracy in the decision making process within the NGOs and capacitating environmental NGOs and structuring the environmental community.

OVT Assistance
This Activity will be focused on small CSO that want to improve their organizational capacities, to identify their needs and support them at a later stage. This component provides assistance to the CSOs to conduct an internal assessment of the organization and to produce a tailored development plan for the enhancement of their internal capacities.

Master Class courses
Master Class courses are conceived for a higher level of expertise for junior members of NGO or young NGO. The program places emphasis on both theoretical and practical learning on selected themes. Five training sessions will build knowledge and skills on Legal Recourse; Lobbying; Watchdogging; Public Participation; and Effective Communication and Public Outreach.

Advanced Training on EU fundraising
These trainings will be held in four regions of Albania. This will enable the participation of remote area NGO that have possibilities to participate in the IPA transboundary projects with partner countries, but lack skills.

Advanced training on lobbying and advocacy
These two topics will be covered separately since they are cross-cutting issue and a must for all CSOs. The trainings will be distributed throughout the regions will involve several NGO and several experts at once. The training will last, at least, two days long and will focus on practical aspects. The main target will be junior experts from different NGO’s or sometimes students interested in this topic.