WP3: Expertise and Specialization on Environmental Management

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Aim: Capacity Building on increasing the expertise of Consolidated NGO on specific topics.

REC wants to involve bigger number of experts that may be skillful on certain expertise aspects and held the training or present related case studies. REC will create the Experts Database and establish the "Expert Pool" for each topic area. REC will mobilise the interested experts in the capacity building activities. In order to avoid any kind of monopoly, REC will continuously update the list, may add other experts and, when possible, mobilise the maximum number when the quality criteria is met.

Trainings on specific Environmental Topics
The Environmental Management Training Package will aim at the specialization, provide new technical information, and assist the CSO networks through raising their level of expertise. These trainings will go into parallel with the granting component and be interconnected. The main idea of this activity is to mobilize the NGO experts on specific topics, update their knowledge with the latest information and theories, discuss with each other, present case studies, etc.

Preparation of Know How Modules on Environmental Expertise
For some of the topics, the technical literature will be compiled to serve as support material to the NGOs and networks. Following the interest of CSOs on the selected topic, one or two experts will be contacted by REC to prepare a technical product/module. The module will become available for the general public in the program website, as well as in the REC Albania website.