WP5: Operational/Program based grants to individual (env.) CSOs

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Aim: Increase the institutional stability, democratic functioning, cooperation with LGUs and the visibility of small and/or local NGOs.

Evaluation / Winner Meeting on Operational Grants
Due to a long tradition on grant-giving, REC Albania has well established procedures on the evaluation of Applicants, their selection and information on the grants. On this purpose an Evaluation Meeting is held for each round of Grant Giving. After the selection of the winning proposals, a winner meeting will be organized only with the applicants. This meeting will serve to explain them in detail the procedures of the grant and to sign the Award Agreement.

Operational Grants
This component deals with the support of the non-consolidated NGO in enforcing their status as members of the civil society. These grants are designed in a way that stimulates CSOs to apply with projects proposals that: increase the functionality of the NGO; raise the membership of the NGO; create strong relationship with community based organizations; raise the visibility of the NGO in its context; achieve sustainable results at national level or local level, promote the human rights approach.

On site Assistance
The on site assistance is designed for all the granting lines included in the SENiOR-A program. This assistance will be given to small or consolidated NGOs when they perceive problems that they have not capacities to solve or when REC notes that the NGO progress is not satisfactory.

Pilot Project Local Partnership
A granting line was created into addressing or responding to the actual national priorities. These grant announcements are designed in a way that stimulates CSOs to apply with projects proposals that address the issue of collaboration with the Local Government Units; improve the environmental conditions of the community, have strong impact on local decision making processes, promote the human rights approach.

Promotion of best Sustainable Local Models
This Activity is to give proper visibility to NGOs which are performing at best. Whenever, REC Albania will consider that a NGO (for one or some of its activities) needs to be promoted and/or serve as model, it might be supported for further promotion of such activities or interventions of the NGO. The support will not be given as a form of granting, but as a joint action of the grantee and the REC, in preparing a qualitative promotion event.