WP6: Small Grants to (env.) CSOs Networks

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Aim: Support the consolidated CSO to cluster themselves according to their areas of expertise, tackle the topic area problems with multiannual programs and increase their profile.

Establishment of Networks
The Network concept is to have a stronger and more unified voice for their topics of expertise, develop joint actions on these environmental issues and ensure a greater geographical coverage. The network is foreseen as a “rosette” model with one CSO acting as a leader and the other serving as local partners (at least 5 local partners). There will be at least four networks covering the following topics (i) Watchdogging and Advocacy (ii) Nature Protection, (iii) Environmental Services and (iv) Information, Education and the Media role in Environment.

Networking Grants
The idea behind the networking grants is to support to implement the activities that are important to the network strengthening. These grants should focus on operational funds for selected programs, visibility (awareness raising campaigns) small projects, exchange of experiences etc. for each of the networks. Networking grants announcement is designed in a way that stimulates CSOs to apply with projects that have sustainable results, have strong impact on environment and society, build strong cohesion between CSOs within the network, and promote the human rights approach.

Network meeting
In order to strengthen the cooperation and the synergy between the networks, an annual meeting will be held with the participation of all the networks. The meeting will be held at the end of each program’s year and prior to the organization of the National Platform Event.

CSO Responsiveness to the National Priorities
This component is one of the new aspects this programs offers. Often, especially in multiannual programs, due to the predetermined frame of the projects, the CSO tend to apply with ideas that are donor driven or that fit suitably in the project objectives. This approach is not very flexible in addressing the community/country needs that may change during the project implementation. As such, a granting line was created into addressing or responding to the actual national priorities.

National Events on CSO Country Development Priorities
These Events are very much linked to the Grants on the Responsiveness to National Priorities. As such they will serve these purposes to Discuss with the CSO the national priorities on environment that Albania is actually facing; Promote the results of the prior grantees (except for the first event); Bring into the discussion actors other than the CSO and Serve to the CSO as a hub so they can discuss collaborate, join the expertise for the preparation of this kind of grants.